Construction Law

Construction Law

  • Can I file a construction lien on government owned property?

  • What is the intent or purpose of Chapter 558 of the Florida Statutes?

  • What is a 558 notice?

  • What is a notice of termination?

  • When should a construction lien be recorded?

  • What is a payment bond and a Notice of Non-payment?

  • What services are lienable?

  • What property can be liened?

  • What notice must be given for a construction lien?

  • What kind of property is subject to a judgment lien?

  • What is a notice to owner?

  • What is a notice of commencement?

  • What is a contractor’s final payment affidavit?

  • What is a construction lien?

  • What is a claim of lien?

  • How do I prove that a defect exists?

  • How are liens waived, released, and satisfied?