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When you have a business debt collection matter in Hillsborough County or anywhere in Florida for that matter, you should consider retaining the law firm of Scott A. Haas, PA. Scott Haas has over 17 years of litigation experience protecting our clients’ interests and pursuing debts, whether by negotiating settlements or pursuing collection claims in Florida’s courts. If a pre-suit demand does not resolve your matter, litigation may be required. Often, a business debtor may be waiting to see if your business is serious enough to retain an attorney to take action. Statistics show that as time passes, debt recovery typically becomes more difficult.

Collection law in Florida is challenging, and the guidance and efficient work of a Florida-licensed attorney is recommended. Has the debtor threatened or filed bankruptcy? Does the debtor have an alter ego that is being used to avoid detection by creditors? Is there a personal guarantor? Is there a venue clause in your contract? The law firm of Scott A. Haas, PA was established in 2006 with a goal of effectively and efficiently representing the interests of businesses and individuals. Although the firm primarily handles claims of creditors, the firm can and does effectively represent debtors.

We focus on the following areas in collections:

  • Corporate debt collection
  • Secured Loan transactions
  • Unsecured Loan transactions
  • Unpaid equipment rental
  • Unpaid invoices for materials/supplies/labor
  • Judgment liens
  • Replevin
  • Garnishment (including bank account garnishment)
  • Post-judgment business collections
  • Proceedings supplementary (including fraudulent transfers)
  • Domesticating foreign judgments
  • Alter ego evaluation and fraudulent transfers

Many of our clients contact us when internal efforts have failed to promptly resolve a debt issue. Others contact us when collection agencies are unable to make sufficient headway within the statute of limitations period. We also help larger businesses collect on a regular basis. Large or small, we can assist with your collection needs.

Conversely, if your contracts are in need of revision or could be tweaked to include something like a venue clause to help make collection more efficient, consider retaining our lawyers.

Our collection attorney handles collection claims not only in the Tampa Bay area, but also collection claims throughout the entire state of Florida. To schedule an appointment to discuss your business needs, please contact us.

Check out the firm’s FAQs Videos about collections, including collecting on a judgment.