What is a contractor’s final payment affidavit

What is a contractor’s final payment affidavit


What is a contractor’s final payment affidavit?


A contractor’s final payment affidavit is a document that the owner can and should get from a general contractor, one with whom he or she has a direct contract. The affidavit states that the general contractor has completed the work as the GC, and all of its subcontractors have been paid or those who have not been paid are at least listed here [in the affidavit].

The affidavit is something that the general contractor should give to the owner at the end of the project when the GC is seeking final payment. It helps the owner know where it stands as far as potential liability, and in fact, it’s a statutory form. See Florida Statutes 713.06. If that statutory form is not provided by the general contractor prior to suit, then the owner can actually seek a stay or an abatement of the lawsuit if there’s noncompliance.