Contractor Services in the wake of Hurricane Irma – Importance of Licensing and Insurance

In the wake of Irma cleanup and recovery, verify that anyone claiming to offer restoration services is duly licensed for the particular work needed, and ask for proof of insurance. Contractor licenses can be searched through Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation and also by County. Many Florida counties require “specialty” contractor licenses. Note:[…]

The Supremes discuss credit card surcharges, cash discounts and Free Speech

In late March of 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court entered a narrow ruling when addressing a New York law which punished merchants for adding a surcharge for credit card purchases. The Supreme Court ruled that the NY law was a regulation of speech, and remanded the case back to the Second Circuit to determine if[…]

Florida Foreclosure Sales

Scott A. Haas, PA just wrapped up a 3 part series on Florida foreclosures and foreclosure sales. There are many sub-topics involved, and there have been material changes to the law and impactful court rulings over the past few years. In Bartram v. US Bank (FL Nov. 2016), the Florida Supreme Court addressed various legal[…]

Tenor and purpose of a call matter under Florida’s Consumer Collection Practices Act

When evaluating a claim that calls were made in violation of Florida’s Consumer Collection Practices Act, the tenor and purpose of each call should be considered. See Desmond v. Accounts Receivable Mgmt., 72 So.3d 179 (Fla. 2nd DCA 2011).